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Work Agreements

Contracts sound scary — but they don’t have to be! That’s why I call them work agreements — it’s just a friendly agreement between two people to work on a project together!

I make our agreements to fit each client’s needs, but there are a few things I include in every agreement.

Cost of Outside Resources

I want to make sure we can make your idea come to life as realistically as possible, and sometimes that might mean having to make some purchases! This could be a specific font, a photo from a stock site, or ad spending on social media. These costs are a part of the job, but will be charged either directly to you or put on the invoice depending on the context.

Portfolio Use

I want to show off the work I do, as do we all. So, while you keep the rights to use the work I complete, I also retain the right to use the work in print and digital formats to promote Nettle Creative.

Late Fees

Ick. I hate this part! But unfortunately, I have to talk about it. I give you a month to pay the invoices I send, and after that, a compounded late fee of 3% of the invoice kicks in for every month the payment is late, and I will not continue to work. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business!