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Personal Branding Project

Even though this is my own side project, I thought my personal branding project still deserved a spot in my official portfolio!

I wanted a logo that reflected photography, had a personal connection to me and had a connection to the wildlife I was photographing. I knew I wanted to include a hummingbird as they are one of my favourite birds, and because some of the photographs I have taken of hummingbirds have really been my best work. Using one of these photos as a reference, I was able to combine them with a camera aperture opening.

Colours were a little harder at first. I initially went with a navy, pink, and white theme, and while I would love to use the colour scheme another time, it didn’t feel right for my brand. After staring at my Instagram, I realized a green scheme made the most sense considering how much time I had spent in the woods.

As with every logo project, variations were made for different applications. The green logo represents the ‘main’ version of the logo, while the white one (or an all-black version) can be used for black-and-white print jobs or as a watermark on content.

My website was really the main part of this project, and oddly enough it existed before the logo did! The website was designed to house all the photos I’ve taken. While Instagram is great for displaying images in a colour-coordinated grid, I needed something to categorize the images. Individual portfolio pages are set up for different locations and subject matter. A main page houses all of the images, with the ability to sort those images by broader subject matter than the individual pages.

A more mobile-friendly ‘landing page’ for supporting my work exists as well. The page is designed to be more eye-catching than the rest of the site. Visitors can reach the rest of the site at the end of the page.

Business cards were designed to showcase some of my best work. For convenience, a QR code that links to my website was added to the back.a