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Fresh Aquariums

It’s no secret that my industry used to be the pet industry. Growing up, my family owned a pet store, which we sold in 2018. My love for pets (exotic and not!) has never gone away, so I thought it would be fun to create some concept advertisements for a fictional pet store and aquarium maintenance company, Fresh Aquariums.

For this project, I grabbed some images from Unsplash of aquariums, but something wasn’t feeling right. It was when I saw the image of an amano shrimp that the wheels really started turning. As a disclaimer, if your tank really is clean enough to put your shrimp out of a job, please purchase some algae wafers and other shrimp foods for them!

After getting the layout done, I knew the ad wouldn’t be complete without a logo. So, I outlined a cichlid and threw together a quick but bold logo.

The ads were designed with print in mind, but can be easily adjusted for various social media platforms with just a few clicks.

I later developed some ‘species postcards’ with a few stock images and some quick edits.

These postcards are designed to get the most basic information across to the pet owner in an attractive and simple manner. The postcards could be printed with more detailed information on the back to hand out in-store, or posted online with more information in the captions.