Frequently Asked Questions

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Listed below are some frequently asked questions I’ve answered to save both of us time, because let’s face it, as small business owners we don’t always have a lot of extra time sitting around!

Why are there no prices listed on your website?

The decision to not post pricing was not an easy one, but I felt it was necessary as I believe in handling businesses on a case by case bases and creating unique packages to fit their needs. This means I also offer bundling across my services to best fit your needs!

With so many tools available, why bother hiring a designer?

It is great that we live in a time where webs and apps are accessible and easy to use. One thing these apps aren’t so great at is letting you know when your colours clash, when your text isn’t readable, and knowing how that new slogan you wrote down at 3:41am flows. These types of things require a designer!

Which payment methods are accepted?

At this time I accept payment via PayPal, e-transfer, cheque, and puppies. I’m only kind of kidding about the puppies.

Can I get my stuff printed through you?

While I don’t have commercial printing set up myself, I am more than happy to get materials I have designed printed professionally for the cost of printing plus a small convenience fee so you have one less thing to worry about!

What’s in your contracts?

My work agreements (it’s a less cary term!) are custom designed for each client. I do have a couple things I include in every agreement, which can be viewed here.

Have a question that you think should be on my frequently asked questions page? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

September 17, 2020