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3 Reasons Why Good Design is an Important Part of Business

Have you ever walked by a business on your block, or seen an ad in the newspaper that just made you think… yuck? Who let that happen?

Not every business owner is a designer — and that’s ok. What matters is they understand the role that design has on their business!

Here’s my top 3 reasons why good design is an important part of business!

1. Your branding is going to make a lasting impression — make it count!

You usually only get one shot at a good impression. If customers are deciding between you and a competitor, you want to stand out for the right reasons.

If your brand looks bad, you run the risk of people not trusting your brand, or not taking it seriously. If your brand is bland, well, they might not even see it. Both could result in a push to your competitors!

2. Getting professional design right away can save you money later

Imagine spending your time picking the colour combinations, the typefaces, and designing your logo, and getting it printed on everything. Your business cards. Your store front. Your brochures. Anything you could afford to get the word out, you went for it.

You didn’t notice it right away, but those colours you picked, don’t exactly compliment each other the way they did in your mind. And you’re starting to have second thoughts about that font you picked… maybe it’s too fun? Worst of all, a customer has pointed out an extremely embarrassing typo you made. Oops.

Working with a designer from the beginning can help you avoid all of that. A designer can help you bring your vision to life. They can recommend colours that not only don’t clash, but really say something about your brand, and suggest font pairings that fit your brands personality and won’t go out of style. They are also another person to bounce ideas off of, and you can professionally say whether or not it’s a good one!

Getting input from a pro means that you’ll avoid mistakes that might require shelling out a bunch of cash to reprint and creating a lasting identity rather than something trendy for a week.

3. Graphic design is a powerful communication tool — use it!

Visuals attract the eye a lot more than a jumble of words, but if your visuals get jumbled too, well that’s a problem.

If you’re promoting a product or distributing educational materials to your customers, you want to make sure the message stands out so they don’t have to work for it, and you want them to make sure they know who that message is coming from.

Writing out some information on Word and printing it out might be cheaper, but a professionally designed infographic showing your customers how often they should clean their fish tank filter? Now that’s a winner, and your customers will appreciate how easy you’ve made it for them to process that information, and will likely refer your business!